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"The Last Untouchable"
After saving retired agent MacGruder from being killed in a traffic accident, Gary must come to the man's rescue a second time when he reads that he will be shot to death in a dispute with Al Capone's last living henchman, Antonio Birelli. Convinced that Birelli knows the whereabouts of Capone's missing treasure, MacGruder confronts his old nemesis following the ex-con's release from prison. When Gary shows up to prevent this bloody reunion, the bickering men decide to join forces to locate the missing Capone funds. With the real Feds hot on their trail, MacGruder and Birelli stand to lose the money all over again when two fortune seekers capture Gary inside the building where the treasure is supposedly hidden.
"Just One of Those Things"
After missing more than a dozen dates with Erica, a stressed-out Gary decides that he must come clean about the paper before Erica gives up on their budding relationship for good. Unfortunately, when Gary reveals that he gets tomorrow's news today, Erica refuses to believe him, thinking instead that he's afraid of commitment. When Gary tries to show Erica the paper, he's left empty-handed when Patrick mistakenly absconds with his copy while on a search for a new apartment. With tomorrow's classifieds at his fingertips, an unsuspecting Patrick lands an apartment in a flash, but winds up turning the life of Marvin, the former tenant, into utter turmoil. Meanwhile, Gary races to get his paper back from Patrick so he can prevent a tragic headline involving a little girl who will lose her life if he doesn't get to her in time.

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