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Early Edition- Tomorrow's Newspaper Today

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Kyle Chandler- Gary Hobson

Kyle Chandler potrays Gary Hobson. He gets tomorrow's newspaper today, and with that he runs around saving people in need. A Good Samaritian indeed.
One day his wife "Marcia" threw him out on their anniversery. Gary was forced to move into a hotel room at the "Blackstone". When he's losing his wife and maybe even his mind, the "Early Edition" appears at his doorstep, with a Cat. Finally figuring out that this paper has a purpose Gary resorts to the words of good friend "Marissa Clark"(Shanesia Davis-Willams). With Chuck Fishman(Fisher Stevens) his best bud, wanting to use the paper for his personal benefit, the trio, make a uncanny.


Fisher Stevens- Chuck Fishman

Fisher Stevens potrays Chuck Fishman. An unlikely buddy to Gary but still his best bud(Seasons- 1 and 2 appears in "Up Chuck" Season 3)
Sure, Chuck can be annoying at times, but he helps out with the paper a lot. Yes... he also wants to use it to his own advantage but who wouldn't want too?! Chuck... well he's Chuck-Like.


Shanesia Davis-Willams- Marissa Clark

Shanesia Davis- Willams potrays Gary's blind friend Marissa Clark.

Marissa is a very down-to-Earth person. She know's whats best for Gary, not like Chuck. She helps Gary out in situation in which he does not think he can handle. Marissa is Gary's blind Side-Kick you could say. All-in-all she is a big help to Gary, and he has known her for a period of time.

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